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Organic SEO Tips For Local Stores

If you don’t think search engine optimization (SEO) is important for your local business, listen to this – 50% of all mobile searches look for local results*. And that’s not all – 61% of those searches lead to a purchase*. With this information in mind, and knowing that 4 out of 5 consumers shop on their smartphones**, it’s hard to downplay the key role that organic SEO can play in making your business website more visible online and easier to discover by local customers.

The best part about organic SEO is that it’s not as expensive as marketing. This means that even if you are a small local business with only a limited marketing budget, you can still manage to hire a SEO expert in Houston. Before you get started, however, here are a couple of things which can inspire your SEO efforts.

Use social media to boost your SEO

Publish fresh, SEO-friendly content on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social networks you’re active on a regular basis, every day or at least three times a week. The more shares and likes your content gets, the better, so focus on highly shareable content that can go viral. Google, Yahoo, and Bing will take note of it and of the social buzz it generates and then up your website’s Google ranking.

Invest more time and money into video marketing

SEO isn’t about keywords, it’s about content, in all formats, and videos are just great for SEO. Videos are easier to “consume” than text, can be more persuasive, and get far better organic page ranks in search engines than plain text. And don’t forget that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

Make sure your website runs smoothly on mobile

Mobile users are a huge force that drives local sales – they can help your business grow. One of Google’s key ranking factors is whether your website is optimized for mobile devices. Also good for SEO and for your business in general is to invest in mobile app development services in Houston for both iPhone and Android. A mobile app can consolidate your brand and can also help with SEO, as search engines are integrating apps into their search results.

Use a fresh and SEO-friendly theme

If your website is several years old, or you are not using a content management system such as WordPress, your website may be outdated in spite of its good looks. Have it checked by a website development company in Houston, who can run on it a quick SEO analysis. Chances are you may have to upgrade the theme or design.

Focus on local SEO

Optimizing your business website for local SEO is the most effective way to attract mobile searches and market it online. The emphasis should be not only on local keywords, but also on locally-optimized video and text content. Even if your website is not directly selling products, you can still benefit, as local searches encourage half of mobile visitors to visit your store within a day.

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