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Why Web Development Is Your Company’s Best Friend

I doubt anyone would argue that web development isn’t directly correlated with the success of a business. What is up for discussion is how crucial developing a company webpage is- and in my opinion, it is the single most important element of a growing business. Studies across the United States and abroad note that seventy five percent of internet users judge the credibility of a webpage based on its design. This credibility factors into how much faith a prospective customer will put into your company and/or your product, so you end up losing valuable money by maintaining a mediocre webpage.

Easily navigable pages and eye catching visuals can add that element of spark that many companies would kill for. It takes a skilled web developer to create something worthy of attention, but there are plenty out there who are willing to help you out.

Some growing businesses operate solely using offline channels like newspapers and radio ads. If done well, this type of advertising will alert people to your existence (assuming you’re from a town where word of mouth travels fast), but if you don’t have a quality website to make you stand out, people will slowly forget about what it is exactly that you do. You need an online presence to communicate in a more eloquent and aesthetically pleasing manner what your brand is all about and why it’s different from the rest.

Integrating your company with social media and its associated platforms is really the best way of connecting with your followers. For example, small and large businesses alike have started (it’s been a few years) using tools like Twitter and Facebook to not only put themselves out into the community, but also find out what customers like, don’t like and want out of your company. This can help you get more customers and improve upon products that currently produce. Seems to me like a win-win. The best way to incorporate social media is via a webpage. Quality web developers can integrate RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook seamlessly into working components of your website.

Essentially, a highly visible, professional and organized website should convince people to check out your company and your product- and hook them! You want to keep them occupied. It’s obviously harder than it looks since developing a high-traffic webpage takes plenty of coding standards and cross platform compatibility, but a good development agency should have no problem with this.

Transco Labs, a web development company based out of Houston, can take care of all your digital marketing needs from app development to search engine optimization consultation. Their experienced staff can take on any project and transform it into whatever you’d like it to be. If you want to compete in today’s digitized marketplace, make sure Transco Labs is the web company you contact!

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