Email Hosting

Exchange/Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Exchange server is hands down the leader in business email systems. In the past, a small business would have to make a sizeable investment in a server and a server admin to setup and manage an in house exchange server. Today, a small business can take advantage of Hosted Exchange Services from Microsoft Office 365. This gives you all the benefits of an in-house Exchange system for a small affordable monthly fee.

Exchange Online from Office 365 is designed to be accessed from multiple devices including computers, laptops, and mobile phones. You can setup a mailbox for just a couple of bucks a month and it will work seamlessly with all iOS and Android devices as well and Windows and Mac computers. With an Exchange account, emails send from your phone display in the Sent Items on any computer you use to access your email. Delete an email from one device and it is gone from all devices almost immediately. Add a contact from your computer and it appears on your phone, same with the calendar items as well. This scenario is ideal because there is not really a copy of everything on every device, your email is stored on the Exchange server and each device you use simply has access to this server.

Our team of Microsoft Office 365 Partners develop a plan for each email migration project so that you have no email down time and will never miss an email. We make the transition to Exchange Online with Microsoft Office 365 so seamless you’ll be kicking yourself for not already having done it.

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