Android is an immensely popular operating system powered by Google. Based on open source technologies and a Linux foundation, the Android software stack is made up of many different technologies supporting languages such as Java, XML, C, C++ and more. With the ever growing number of Android users, the demand for Android application development has seen a tremendous growth across the United States, as well as in Houston, Texas. For many businesses and organizations, developing an Android application is no longer an option but a requirement, even when they already have an iOS application.

Why Choose Transco Labs for Android App Development?

Based in Houston, Texas, Transco Labs is an experienced Android app developer, maintaining an experienced and dedicated Android app development team well versed in the Microsoft, Open Source, and mobile development technologies necessary to craft high-quality Android applications. With our vast experience and large pool of professional Android app developers, we can provide cutting-edge solutions in Android mobile app development to our clients in the United States.

We are more than comfortable working with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and have a deep understanding of the Java, C, C++, and several other programming languages. Furthermore, we follow a stringent Android development process:

We take our time to thoroughly understand your perspective and industry before beginning our Android app development process

Our in-house development team decide upon the best software architecture to be used for the application development process.

Our Android development team creates suitable designs and layouts for the application user interface (UI), ensuring that your app looks beautiful.

We take care to carefully code and program your the Android app.

Our testing and quality checking process ensures the app works immaculately.

We make sure the finished app is accepted on the Google Play Store, the official Android app market.

Transco Labs Solutions for Android Application Development

Industry as well as client specific apps

CRM apps integration

CMS apps

e-Commerce and online catalogs

GPS navigation apps

Office suites

Digital signage apps


Entertainment apps

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Our talented Android application development team can also design and build custom Android apps that fulfill your specific requirements and exceed your expectations. Please contact us to find out more.