Mobile app development has become both a key marketing strategy and a necessity for many companies and organizations in Houston and beyond. While developing an iPhone or Android app has become easier than ever, mobile app development in Houston still presents many challenges. If the development of a mobile app is one of your priorities this year, here are some of the pitfalls of application development in Houston – avoid them at all costs.

Choosing the wrong platform

The benefit of Android application development in Houston is that Android is a very open platform, offering developers great freedom as far as APIs are concerned. At the same time, Android is also a fragmented platform, with many different devices running different versions of the software.

iPhone application development in Houston, on the other hand, comes with the advantage of a more uniform and in some ways more stable platform, less prone to app crashes. Ultimately, your choice should be based on the targets of your application and the platform your audience is using.

Not testing your app enough

Whether it’s Android or iOS, a rigorous and intensive period of testing is crucial to ensuring your app is bug-free and provides a high-quality user experience. Sometimes, in their desire to see their apps in the App Store or on Google Play as soon as possible, companies neglect testing their apps – the result can be disastrous. Regardless of the type of app you develop, make sure that your Android or iPhone app developer in Houston invests the necessary time and resources into properly testing your app.

Not ascertaining first whether there is a market need for you app

The fact of the matter is that both the App Store and Google Play are saturated with apps. Unless your app offers something new, or else does something better than similar apps, it will be hard for you to convince people to download and use your app, especially if it’s a paid app. Before starting application development in Houston, it’s very important to research your market and try to understand the needs of your audience.

Not marketing your app

Even if it’s well-made made, an app may still remain largely unknown if people don’t hear about it. For this reason, it’s a good strategy to choose an Android or iPhone app developer in Houston that has a marketing team and can help promote your app after launch. The more you invest in marketing your app, the easier it will be for users to discover it.

Avoiding the common pitfalls of mobile app development in Houston becomes a lot easier if you work with an experienced Android and iPhone app developer who has a track record of successfully developing apps for both platforms. At Transco Labs, mobile app development is one of our specialties.

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