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SEO Vs PPC – Pros And Cons

When it comes to internet marketing there are quite a few different methods a company can use to attract an online audience. From Google and Facebook PPC campaigns to organically ranking throughout search engines, different companies have different reasons for using certain types of marketing. Once a company has had success with one method of marketing, they will usually venture into another type to increase their traffic and conversions.

Depending on which marketing platform you use, you’ll have different features available for you to use. For example, with Google PPC you’ll be able to determine which pages your visitors land on depending on the type of keyword they search for. This way they will see pages on your site relevant to their search term and if they find something they are interested in, without having to navigate through yourself themselves, you have likely to increase your conversion rates when it comes to sales or goals. Website design in Houston provided by helps you find the best website design for high conversions.

Certain PPC campaigns also allow you to pick out certain types of targets and specify what type of crowd you are searching for. For example, with Facebook ads, you are able to be very specific as to what type of people you want to view your ads. For a company that is starting a dating website, they can set their Facebook ads to only be shown to those that are single, between a certain age, a certain gender and even those that picked out certain interests such as wanting to date or a relationship. With all the information that sites like Facebook have available to advertisers about their user base, it makes it easier for companies to target to a high converting online crowd.

Many companies start out with PPC to see what type of keywords work best for them, and also to find other keywords they may not have thought of in the past. By seeing which one of their keywords convert properly, they are able to reorganize and come up with updated keyword lists that can help them to creating a highly converting marketing campaign. Once the PPC is set up, companies can use the information gathered to set up an SEO marketing campaign. Since PPC gives quick information, it is one of the best ways to test a company’s potential before starting an SEO campaign. An seo expert in Houston can be found at

SEO is more of a long term solution, whereas PPC is used for immediate conversions. Since with PPC there is a daily cost, it can cut into many of the profits and even lead to loss on certain days or bad marketing weeks. With SEO, once a company reaches an optimal level, they are just required to maintain their rankings and in the long run, they don’t have to pay per click. They end up getting more traffic, and more relevant traffic, which leads to higher conversion rates. With PPC when the marketing stops, so does the traffic, whereas with SEO marketing, the traffic won’t ever really stop unless the website admin really wants it to, in which case most of the time a major change is required.

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