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Mobile Application Development In Houston – Choosing The Right Platform For Your Business

Mobile app development in Houston has become an essential need for many businesses in the area. Even a small, local business can benefit from developing a mobile application. But developing a mobile application costs money, and many businesses may not be able to afford developing applications for all the major platforms, as is ideal, at least not from the beginning. In that case, it can be more cost-effective for a business to focus on the platform where most of its customers are active and then, in time, to reach out to other platforms as well. A quick look at the major app platforms can help your business decide where to begin its mobile app development in Houston.

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

The iPhone and the iPad are the most popular mobile devices among US owners, who use them for a variety of purposes, from practical applications to entertainment to work.  Investing in an iPad or iPhone application development in Houston is a sure way of reaching most of your target audience, assuming of course that the majority of your customers and potential customers are located in the United States. iOS stands out as an extremely well-developed and flexible platform, allowing for highly creative application development. As the world’s first major app platform, iOS boasts with no less than 1.4 million apps, which includes some of the best-quality apps on the market, as well as with plenty of apps which are available exclusively on this platform.


Android has been quickly catching up with iOS in the last few years, reaching a whooping market share of 81.5% of the global smartphone market. While at first Android had been the cheaper alternative to iOS, it can be said that Android has outgrown that status and, thanks to stunning mobile devices released specially for this platform, has now become a strong contender to iOS, with many people choosing it over the later because of its convenience and the generally lower price of Android-based devices compared to iPhones and iPads. The Android market is full of possibilities for app developers and businesses, but it’s a crowded place where standing out is becoming more and more difficult.

It’s very important that, before investing in Android application development in Houston for your brand, you use analytics and other research tools to establish whether most of your audience uses Android or not.

Windows Phone

The rising Windows Phone platform offers a rich entertainment experience, but at the same time is ideal for robust enterprise applications. While the number of devices running Windows’ mobile platform is steadily increasing, and most popular apps available on iOS and Android are available on this platform as well, Windows Phone is still dwarfed by the two platforms on this list. Unless we’re talking about enterprise-grade clients, few businesses could say that most of their customers are using Windows Phone, and yours is probably not one of them.

The Bottom Line

iOS and Android are the two essential mobile platforms for most businesses located in the US, although Windows Phone shouldn’t be ignored either. If your business needs a mobile app, it’s crucial that you invest in quality mobile app development in Houston, choosing an experienced and dedicated of developers such as, an Android and iPhone app developer in Houston, Texas, which has the competence to handle cross-platform mobile app development and can help you turn your ideas into a fast and smooth mobile app experience.

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