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3 Things Most Startups Don’t Know About The Internet

With so many businesses around these days, it has become very difficult for many new startups and small to medium sized businesses to stand out from their competition. What they don’t realize is that there are a few things they can do to stand out and attract new customers and clients. The 3 main things that companies can do in today’s tech savy time is gain online presence. Not only does it let you target the right type of audience but it gives you a lot of control over what clients will see about your company. If companies follow these 3 simple steps, they can take advantage of the internet when it comes to growing their business and managing their online reputation.

Step 1. Get a website

Many business owners underestimate the power of having a website. Not only does it allow you to get information to your customers immediately but it also allows them to reach out to more people than they would be able to with just a brick and mortar shop set up in a city. By getting a website, they can allow customers to contact them, find them order from them and much more without ever having to leave the store. It also shows the customers that you are a legitimate business that is keeping up with the times.

Step 2. SEO Marketing for your website

Once a website is set up, the next step is usually trying to find ways for customers to find your website and services. For some businesses, referrals and word of mouth works well, but for others it may be hard for others to find their website. SEO marketing is beneficial for quite a few reason. First, by conducting SEO marketing it allows you to reach out to specific type of people. Not only do you end up spreading your website throughout many spots on the internet, but it gives you some control over what your customers will see when they research your company online. Second, it allows you to get an unlimited amount of traffic to your website depending on the industry you are in and the keywords you are targeting. Third, it is the number one way people do online reputation management. This is a long term type of marketing which builds over time, so even if you stop marketing for a bit towards the end the results will stay there.

Step 3. Start doing PPC

It is recommended that companies do both PPC and SEO together. This is because if done properly they can take up more than just 1 spot on the first page of the top search engines. With PPC you website will start getting traffic immediately and you can also gain useful information to modify your SEO campaign in the long run. With PPC you have the ability to set a daily budget so you always know how much you will end up spending in a month. However, when you stop conducting PPC your results will disappear.

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