Augmented Reality Visualization Development

Augmented Reality Visualization refers to the process of amplifying or enhancing the visuals of the real-world environment with computer generated imagery (CGI). Augmented reality adds definitions or descriptions to real-world objects and places to make it easier for us to understand them. Augmented reality is an exciting emerging technology and should not be confused with virtual reality as virtual reality is only a computer-simulated environment.

Why Choose Transco Labs For Augmented Reality Visualization Development?

As a web design and web development company based in Houston, Texas, we at Transco Labs know inside and out Microsoft and open source development technologies and are highly interested in augmented reality development. We are highly competent with several augmented reality platforms, including Aurasma development and Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK (software development kit), ARToolkit, Mix Augmented Reality Engine (mixare), Goblin XNA, and many more.

Our talented and experienced augmented reality developers and designers can create for your company or organization innovative augmented reality visualization solutions as native iOS and Android apps, as well as 3D computer generated graphics that can be embedded into any augmented reality environment. Let us help you bring your product or service to life with the latest augmented reality visualization technology.